Export Preferences

We will be bringing out our latest update to Therap in a couple of weeks.  When we do these releases, it is often hard to predict when there will be last minute changes that happen due to issues discovered in testing or changes in regulations.

I have a couple of changes based on the list of functionality that I posted earlier:

Firstly, the updates to the Case Note module are going to be included in a follow-up release, they are not quite ready and we don’t want to take unnecessary risks.

Secondly (and for now most importantly), many of you will have noticed that we are introducing new roles to control the downloading of Excel files and PDFs.  We had a number of internal debates as to whether to set these to on or off with the release.  We could set them to on in which case we wouldn’t impact users’ access, but our customers would be less likely to take a serious look at who should have these roles or we could default to “off” in which case users who should have access would be impacted.

We settled on a compromise: when the release comes out at the end of the month, these roles will be turned off for everyone.  However the system won’t actually act on the roles until the follow up release with Case Notes updates in it so you will have a few weeks to get those settings right.

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

:: Justin ::