Our next significant release will be Therap 2016.2 which we expect to release at the end of June.

We current expect to include the following updates though these are subject to change:

  • Updates to Case Management functionality and access to include Referral, Eligibility, and Level of Care, bulk assignment of caseloads, availability in County and Private Oversight.
  • Communication from Therap Customer Support will come via the Issue Tracker rather than SComm.
  • Live Help will only be available to users who are logged into the application
  • Introduction of Non-Specialized Provider billing (initially in Nebraska)
  • Automated claim adjudication in Nebraska
  • Updating the SIS interface to SIS-A
  • Updates to oversight accounts to include: new provider switching, new all-access functionality,
  • Updated functionality within Case Notes
  • Updates to Individual Home including adding Health Tracking and improved searches.
  • With individual home now providing one-click access to a month at a time of ISP Data, we will be removing the ISP Data Grid.
  • Adding access to Document Storage in the file scanner/uploader
  • Adding Document Storage to oversight accounts
  • Changing Shared Contact reassignment to deactivating Shared Contacts.
  • Text/Email/SComm notifications will no longer be sent from Test Mode
  • Access to downloading Excel Files and PDFs will now be role based
  • Therap will now support IE 11 and above
  • Updates to Florida, New Jersey and Colorado state GER forms
  • Temporary watermark removed from state GER PDFs
  • Adding a GER Resolution detail report
  • New users will default to being in active status
  • Updates to the ISP
  • Adding expired plans to the About to Expire List
  • Supervisor filter option for the TMS reports
  • Addition of custom types for Agency document storage
  • Search by file name/description in doc storage
  • Adding ISP Data to the iOS Therap app

We’ll have a lot more details on these over the coming days and weeks, but if you have any questions, ask away!

:: Justin ::