Over the next month or so, there will be folks from Therap at conferences and presentations all over the country. It seems that this time of year along with late spring are prime conference season in the developmental disabilities world.

If you are going to be at one of these conference, let us know so we can look out for you. If your agency os close to one of these conferences, let us know and we’ll see if we can stop by!

You can see the latest list of where we’ll be here.

At the moment it looks something like this: (Thankfully it’s not all me!!)

October 5th-7th: Kansas
October 12th-14th: California
October 16th-18th: Arkansas
October 17th-18th: DC
October 19th-20th: Texas
October 20th: Connecticut
October 24th-26: Ohio
October 24th: Boulder, Colorado
October 26th-28th: Oregon
October 31st: Washington
November 2nd-3rd: North Carolina
November 3rd-6th: New York
November 7th-8th: California

— Justin