This morning, we started off by visiting some very nice potential users in Mitchell, South Dakota. After a good session, we got some great suggestions for tourist spots in the town. So, our next stop: The world’s only corn palace. It was neat how they change the corn-decorated exterior each year, but I think I was truly expecting for the whole building, inside and out, to be made of corn. All I could think of, was whether the building would fall to a pile of popcorn should a fire ever start. After hitting a gift shop, we then tried to enter the doll museum, but unfortunately it seemed that the rest of the tourist spots we tried to go to were closed for the season.

It was then time for our 4 hour drive to Rapid City. We got to see a lot of beautiful country and even saw glimpses of the Badlands, but I have to say that I was really kept awake during the drive by the countless number of “Wall Drug” signs.

Tomorrow we’re off to Spearfish,