One of the keys to controlling your staffs access to data in Therap is using CaseLoads.

The CaseLoad screen (shown above) allows you to define exactly which individuals and programs a member of staff has access to.

A CaseLoad can be made up of one or more elements from each of the following categories:

Programs: If a user has a program as a part of their CaseLoad, they will have access to all individuals data within that program. If an individual moves into the program, the user will see their information, if they leave, user will no longer see it.

Program-Individual: By picking a program and then an individual within that program, the user will be able to see the individual’s data within that program, but not any other programs that they are enrolled in.

Individual: If a user has an individual on their CaseLoad then they will see all of that individual’s data (subject to a SuperRole) regardless of which programs they are enrolled in. This is the ideal way to set up a caseload for a guardian, family member, or case manager.

CaseLoad: Finally, a CaseLoad can be made up of other CaseLoads! So if one user supervises other users, the supervisors CaseLoad could be the sum of their staff’s CaseLoad.

If you have any questions about CaseLoads or would like a walk-through on using them, just get in touch.

:: Justin