One of the things we have been asked for many times over the last few months is an area for Nurses to keep nursing notes that are not part of the general list of T-logs.

We’ve also been asked for the ability to keep other Therap Forms confidential and only available to a select few people (such as in the case of allegations of Abuse and Neglect).

We have thought about this long and hard and proposed a series of ever more complex solutions until during a call yesterday, Jim, Warren, and I think we have come up with a very elegant solution that doesn’t require any programming at all!

It goes something like this:

I will use the example of nurses notes, but you should be able to see how this would easily expand to include other specialities or even a designation of “confidential”.

  1. Create a program called “Nursing”
  2. Assign all the individuals who receive nursing services to this program in addition to their “real” programs
  3. Create a “Nursing” CaseLoad which includes this “Nursing” program – or smaller CaseLoads where nurses only see the individuals that they work with within the nursing program.
  4. Assign appropriate privileges (probably just T-Log ones) to nurses in this program.
  5. Now, only users who have been assigned either the Nursing CaseLoad or access to the individual in all programs (the “Individual” tab on the CaseLoad screen) will see the T-Logs (or other forms) that are filed under the Nursing program.
  6. When a nurse wants to write a nurses note, she clicks “New” in the T-Log and then chooses the “Nursing” program.
  7. These T-Logs will now only be available to other users to have access to that individual in the Nursing program!
  8. If she wants to write a note that will show in both the Nursing T-Logs and the T-Logs of other staff, all she needs to do is check “Inter-Program”

Pretty cool – huh!

I hope that all of the above makes sense, if not, please give me a call.

If you try it out, please let me know how you get on.

:: Justin