Here in Therapville we have many, many ways that we can help you. Different people seem to like different ways of getting assistance and of learning to use Therap:

Live chat for those who like quick, personal information

Walkabouts for those who like interactive, scenario based, game-like learning.

Tutorials for those who prefer to sit back and watch and listedn to a demostration

Quick Guides for those who like to have a quick summary on a piece of paper next to them while they work.

Then of course there is the User Guide and the Frequently Asked Questions available from FirstPage.

Don’t forget the ubiquitous Feedback link or the fact that you can contact us by phone, email, or Secure Communications.

At the moment these aren’t particularly linked or integrated into the system. We have some wonderful plans to fix this and bring the all together in one place we are calling the Customer Support Knowledge Base (or CSKB). You will see the first iteration of this when we release 7.1. Beyond that we expect great things in terms of helping you find the information you need as quickly as possible.

The only problem I see is how do you pronounce “CSKB”? We have a habit of coming up with cool names for things (think of T-Logs, and SComm), but are failing on this one just now. Can you help us out?

:: Justin ::