As you have no doubt noticed, Monday and Tuesday were not good days for Therap and our application.

I really don’t like when our application is not working, I am sorry for all the angst and wasted time it is causing, and I am doing everything I can to help our teams get things back on track.

It’s not a simple thing to explain or fix.  When we upgraded to Therap 9.1, we not only added new functionality, we also redesigned the way the system works at a very basic level (a redesign that will enable a whole host of features that we want to implement).  At the same time, we had to upgrade a number of the tools that we we use for our system to interact with the outside world.

It may seem like this is an awful lot of stuff to do at once and that we should have done it in stages (this was my first thought too).  Unfortunately though, that is not necessarily possible because certain tools that we need to use require that others are upgraded to a particular version.

So where does that leave us?

We are currently looking through all our error logs and traces from the last couple of days and working out where the issues are.  We’ve already fixed a bunch and are working on more.  My hope is that today will be much better, but we won’t know for sure until everyone logs in.

Please be assured that all your data is still completely safe and secure.

We’ve also put in place a temporary “Maintenance Mode”.  This way, if it looks like the system is becoming unstable, we will restrict additional users from logging in so that we can maintain stability for those who are already within the system.  This should prevent people getting an error as they try to submit data which can be incredibly frustrating.  I you get the message that your login has been denied, please wait a few minutes and try again.  If you try to login again right away you will probably just delay the system getting back in balance.

This is not an acceptable state of affairs for us to be in and you can be sure that we will not stop until we have restored the system to its normal, reliable self.

:: Justin ::