For some time, Provider Administrators have been able to access Custom Reports.  This is functionality allowing users to get a report in Excel that is not readily available elsewhere in the application.  Sometimes these reports are designed specifically for one provider or state, other times they provide a report that we have received may requests for.

The observant amongst you may have noticed that in the list of Agency Wide roles there is actually a role for Custom Reports.  Up to now, assigning this basically didn’t do anything. (we were making sure that we and you were happy with the way custom reports worked).

We have now activated this role so that you can assign it and people will have on their FirstPage (or the Agency tab of their dashboard) access to custom reports.  Remember that because this is an Agency-Wide Role, users will have access to the reports across all programs, not just their caseload.

If you have any questions or would like access to additional reports, be sure to let us know.

:: Justin ::