As Dora would say “We did it, We did it”

There may be only twelve now, but they are on the plane back to the US.

This morning went remarkably smoothly under beautiful blue skies.

After breakfast, a couple of shuttle busses took us out to the airport.  A bit of a wait in line for checking in (bad news getting on a plane the day after The Open – I have never seen so many golf bags!)

Iona and I then posted people through security and we were able to head back on the bus to my folks.

Thanks again to everyone, and if you have any photos of the reception back at the church, do please email them to me so that I can add them to the collection on this blog.

Now it’s my turn to read Harry Potter and I may even hit the pub! (only to keep Darryl happy you understand).


:: Justin ::


PS The plane actually took off early!  You can track the flight for yourself on  Just click the Track Flight link and enter 109



Almost there…