As I said before, the flight over here really wasn’t too bad, just long.  The four hours we had to spend in Dubai were very strange as we were kind of between time zones.  Not sure whether to be on US or Bangladeshi time.

I’m staying in a nice new Radisson hotel which was just being finished last time I was here.  It’s much closer to both the airport and the office which leads to less time on Dhaka’s roads (the less time on Dhaka’s roads, the better off you are, they are wild!)

It’s now noon, but I have no idea what time my body thinks it is.  Hopefully I can last long enough to get to bed at a sensible time tonight.

Lots and lots of meetings and brainstorming with Warren over the next week or so which is going to produce some amazing results.

:: Justin

PS Iona, thanks for the note, I just opened it!  Love you too!