Having spent the last week or so hanging out with Shannell and watching LOTS of Dora the Explorer I want to start singing “We did it! We did it”.

The trip here was wonderfully uneventful.  The flight went smoothly, all our bags were here.  The weather is gorgeous (though that is supposed to change tomorrow).  We arrived at Glasgow Airport to be greeted by Sister BJ along with my folks, my brother, and my neice Julia.  Nick was nice enough to bring me a replacement backpack thanks to Michele getting up in the middle of the night to call him – Thanks all round!

We then got the bus the short distance in to the Paisley train station.  I am going to love giving Richard the receipt for 15 bus tickets, it’s about 6 feet long.  From Paisley we took the train to Largs and walked down to the jetty for the ferry over to Cumbrae.


From there it was another bus to the beautiful seaside town of Millport where were greeting by a very fine pipe and drum band. After a quick bite to eat it was up the hill to the cathedral and college that is to be our home for the next week.

This is a truly beautiful place which I will describe more as the week goes on.

Thanks again for comments and prayers.

:: Justin ::


PS Reminder from Emily to Mom, “My cell phone doesn’t work here – love you!”