A couple of things before I get started on today.

 1. Debbie Kenney now holds the record for being late for church twice in the same day!

2. Thanks for all your comments, I am doing my best to pass them all on (some interesting technical challenges, but I am getting there!)

Today we all woke at decent times after a wonderful night’s rest.  The rooms here are wonderful (we are all one or two to a room) small, but clean and comfortable off narrow hallways with doors about 5’6″ high!

We were in church twice before breakfast (and none of the pilgrims complained!) and a very fine breakfast it was too with options including porridge and tattie scones.

 We then sat down do learn all about the lives of monks and nuns.  I for one had not appreciated the different styles of monastic life, nor their roots, nor how much they used felt tip pens and coloured pencils!




We then went for a lovely walk to the top of the island (all 417ft high) in typical Scottish summer weather, the views were tremendous despite the weather and when I get to a faster internet connection I will post many more pictures.  As a whole, we are going to return with 1000’s.




We then wandered into town for lunch (seemed like toasties all round),  Millport is your typical small seaside small town, based around the main street running along the waterfront.  Very picturesque and perfectly out of date.

After lunch we wrote, napped, and talked before more monastic study and some inspirational discussions about how the pilgrims see the future of St. Paul’s.  Save to say that the church is in very good hands.

Another fine dinner (lemon sole, steak pie, and profiteroles).

Now (it’s 7:15pm as I write) the sun has come out and folks are out exploring again – I don’t think any of us has been able to stay awake long enough to see it set.

 More tomorrow as we head into Largs for the day


:: Justin ::