Again, there has to be a “before I get to today…” bit

Last night after evening prayer (maybe 9:30pm-ish) a group of us (me, Bryan, Debbie, Eric, Rachelle, and Michele) went back up the hill again to watch the sun set over Kintyre.  Despite the clouds doing their best to hide the sun it was glorious, made even more so by the brightness at such a late hour.  We then too the long way back, walking another three miles or so, still in the light until well past eleven.


Today after our now normal morning prayer and breakfast we strolled into town to catch the bus to the ferry to Largs.  This was after Nancy shared her comment for the day from Beth Richards (thanks Beth!).  “What do Erik the Viking and Smokey the Bear have in common?”



It was a nice bright day that just continued to get sunnier and warmer.  With Darryl and me taking a quick detour to the post office we headed over to Vikingar (a combination Viking museum, swimming pool, gym!)  We of course were there for the Vikings – in particular Jason who looks rather fetching in a viking helmet.  There we learned of younger sons heading off to die in the glory opf battle, and of the bezerkers going mad with their axes and many more stories of the Vikings and their conquest and eventual defeat at the Battle of Largs in the 13th century.

Then it was down to the beach to throw stones (Iona, Eric, and Jason could skip them the best) before lunch at an outdoor cafe (yes, eating outdoors in Scotland!).  The it was off to explore Largs and watch the world go by before heading back to the island.

All week our pilgrims have been leading services from an excellent book that they were given at comissioning.  We have been accompanied by Michele’s flute and Sister BJ has been teaching us some wonderful new songs.


More tomorrow when we return from hanging out with St. Mungo


:: Justin ::


PS They both have the same middle name!!! :-)