While folks at home are bailing out after a delightful Nor Easter, Calum and I were basking in the Indiana sunshine.  We started off the day stopping by and hanging out with our friends at Cardinal Service Management which included coming across the very cool sign above in Pete’s office.  We then went to look at a new group home that they will be opening this weekend, it’s great to see how people can now design homes that are both homely and functional (and have very groovy plumbing!)

After that we headed into Indianapolis where Pete and Cathy joined us for a presentation very graciously hosted by INARF.  Pete and Cathy must have answered a thousand questions – thanks guys!  Before the session I did a quick web conference for agency in Wyoming and their state surveyors, all of whom seem very excited about the possibilities ahead.

Then it was down to New Albany to be ready for tomorrow’s presentations.  I hadn’t realized that New Albany is basically a suburb of Louisville so Calum and I headed into town to look (from the outside) at the Louisville Slugger museum.  Hopefully we’ll be able to get back there tomorrow when  it’s open.

While driving around we’ve been listening to a bunch of audio books.  So far we’ve finished a John Stewart book on democracy and a John Grisham non-fiction book about a guy wrongly on death row.  Now we are working on Stephen Hawking’s Briefer History of Time and trying to wrap our heads around general relatvity – I’ll let Calum explain!

:: Justin ::