Today we were up bright and early for a cold breakfast prior to heading off to Glasgow.  Again we were left with a riddle by Beth.  This time it was about St. Mungo and we had to discover the story behind:

  • The bird that never flew
  • The fish that never swam
  • The tree that never grew
  • The bell that never rang.

We did get the answer, but it’s way too long for in here so be sure to ask your pilgrims about it we they return.

When we got down to the bus stop this morning we discovered that we had half an hour left before the next bus.  We made great use of the time with morning prayer on the waterfront in the morning sunshine!  As far as I could tell, this was at the instigation of the younger half of the group.

We then boarded the bus to the ferry to the train heading up to Glasgow.  From central Station we grabbed some taxis up to Glasgow Cathedral which is in an area that includes a museum of religion and art and the oldest house in Glasgow.

All three were tremendous, my favourites being the older underground areas of the cathedral – all the way back to St. Mungo’s tomb (looking forward to telling Doris all about this) and the photos on the top floor o fthe museum of Glasweigans of assorted beliefs.

The younger pilgrims then headed off for some exploration and lunch (seemed to be centred around Starbuck’s and Macarion and Cheese pies) while us old folks had a very pleasant sit down lunch.

There was more than one droopy eyelid as we headed back on the train to Largs.  What was dramatic was the ferry ride across to Cumbrae where Largs was covered in dark clouds complete with thunder and lightning while Cumbrae remained bathed in sunshine.

It looks like tomorrow’s plans are changing a little as our bus driver appears to have gone AWOL.  Top of the list at the moment is a trip around Arran and some of the other local Islands on Waverly, the worlds oldest sea-going paddle steamer.

For those of you who have loaned us your children this week, thanks!  They are just a great bunch who impress me more every day with the way they look out for each other and make sure that everyone is included.  I am truly lucky to be herewith them.

We are also very lucky to have Sister BJ with us who understands us, the kids, this island and the whole process that we are going through. 


:: Justin ::