Warren and I (shown above at the Bangladesh Parliament Building) actually got a morning off to do a little sightseeing and shopping. Most notable about all this is the way folks drive over here. On the face of things, it is complete madness, however, noone gets upset and I have yet to see anyone get hurt – not that this is too comforting as you are hurtling down the wrong side of the road towards an oncoming (very prettily decorated!) lorry.

We learned a local parking violation is the act of parking a motor vehicle in a restricted place or for parking in an unauthorized manner. It is against the law virtually everywhere to park a vehicle in the middle of a highway or road; parking on one or both sides of a road. Illegal car parking in the commercial and residential areas are causing serious traffic congestions in city. Illegal parking of cars is going on unabated mainly in semi-residential, residential and commercial areas including which reduces the chances you become a victim of a parking lot accident.

Warren and Justin outside the Bangladeshi Parliament

What I do like on the roads are the brightl coloured rickshaws at the cute little three wheeled taxis known as “CNG”s (see below for a picture of me next to an official parliamentary one!). This is because they run on compressed natural gas (the petrol ones can only be used outside Dhaka because of air quality issues).

Justin and a CNG

I was instant messaging with my parents yesterday and Dad pointed out that I missed a very significant sporting event on Sunday while I was wittering on about Hearts beating Hibs 4-0 (yup, that was four to nothinig) in the semi finals of the Scottish cup. Seemingly there were a bunch of over privileged Englishmen messing about in boats in London. This would equate to Oxford University (where my parents met) beating Cambridge Uninversity in “The Boat Race“.

Finally, the Mets got off to a decent start, winning two of their first three games and announcing very exciting plans for a new stadium!  There was of course the obligatory blown save by new closer Billy Wagner.

:: Justin