Today started off very quietly.

From wake up until 10:30am we were silent save for morning prayer which Eric ran for us and was made all the more powerful for the silence on either side.  After breakfast we were given some tips on meditation and imagination and then sent off to be by ourselves.

On regrouping it was clear that this had been a significant period of time for all of us, whether or not we had discovered andything momentous.  Chris in particular was able to share his experiences with us all.

As we had lost touch with our bus driver who was going to take us to Stirling and decided that other options involved too much travelling (in some senses we are travel weary pilgrims! – particularly Terry is is doing amazingly well for being so recently in surgery and only just having swapped a surgical collar for a clerical one) we headed down to the pier in Milport to take a ride on Waverley, the last sea-going paddle steamer in the world.

While waiting for our ship to come in a few nice old ladies (as Iona describes them) started playing music and showing off some Scottish Country Dancing.  As soon as they asked for volunteers, Iona and Michele were in there and then when a Dashing White Seargent was up, many of those who had practiced at the St Pauls Burns’ supper were up there giving it their all.

The trip on Waverlry was wondeful for everyone, each in their own way.  Iona and I were able to remember earlier trips.  Bryan marvelled at the triple expansion engine in all its glory.  Darryl talked to everyone aboard.  Sister BJ debated whether our next pilgrimage should be hanging out with the Bhuddist monks on Holy Isle.

It may have been a little windy and even a bit chilly on board but we all had a great time complete with Curly Wurlies, Lion bars, and everyone’s new love: Irn Bru.

We arrived back at the cathedral just in time for another wonderful dinner and with all that sea air I think we will sleep well.  I hope so as tomorrow we have work duties and some interesting cycling.

But that’s another story…


:: Justin ::