Hello Southington (and whoever else happens to be reading this).  It’s Iona, and this keyboard is unusual.  The @ sign is down low and there’s a $ above the 4 and a £ above the 3.  Weird. 

Today we did a whole lot of work outside, cleaning the paths and the stairs outside the cathedral and generally helping Helen.  Everyone did something, either with a pitchfork, shears, shovels, a wheelbarrow (Dad: “The front wheel went round.”), or just their own two hands.  It looked a lot nicer when we were through.  (Dad: “Bryan and I did a whole nother section after tea!”) 

Then we went into town for lunch and out free day, and split into two groups for rides on a seven-person bike…a septcycle?  Maybe.  That was fun – though I’m not sure who was least trustworthy at the wheel…my dad, Jason, or Mr. Kenney!


Everyone has spent at least some time with Helen’s giant super-dog Bailey.  (Side note: St. Bernards do not only grow massively; they slobber massively too.)  Even though he weighs more than most of us and is the size of a small horse, he’s a huge softie and simply adores attention.  Just…try not to let him kiss you.  Smelly.

Then we got to ring the amazing set of bells up in the church tower.  After a rather steep set of winding stairs, there were maybe ten strings on the wall to pull, each ringing a different bell hidden up above, out of sight.  There was a play-by-numbers sheet pinned up behind then.  If that doesn’t amuse you, you could always pick out the notes to the Star Wars theme…I really shouldn’t be allowed near anything musical.  The cool part about the bells, though, was that our playing attracted four people to come walk up and see where the noise was coming from.  Pastor Terry was there to greet them and show them around.  (Dad: “If you play them, they will come.”)  That was just bad.

And a note to parents…if your pilgrim is a girl (or Jason), when she (or Jason) arrives home, be sure to inquire who “Steven” is.  (The word ‘toast’ may prompt the memory if necessary.)

It stays light so late here – it’s already 10:00 pm and the sky isn’t even close to black.  more of a smoky grey, but the numerous clouds must be taken into consideration.  That would be 5:00 pm Eastern, 3:00 pm Mountain, 3:00 am tomorrow in Bangladesh, (Dad: “2:45 am tomorrow in Nepal!”)

Bonus points if your last name is Writability or Zwart.  (Dad’s watching and reading the phone book…Zwart is the last name and honestly, who doesn’t want the name Writability?)

(Dad: “Are we there yet?”)  I’m being subtley kicked off through bad jokes, so I hope the weather is nice but not too hot wherever you happen to be, that your summers are going amazingly, and thanks for commenting, you guys make us feel special.

Thanks especially from me to comments from Mom and Tom…that rhymed…miss you guys.  And thanks to my prayer partner Elaine.  No more, I feel like I’m making an acceptance speech.

Much love from all the pilgrims (even the old ones),


PS  That was easy! Now all that is left for me to do is to say that tomorrow we are off to Edinburgh.  I hope to find somewhere to blog from on Saturday, but will for sure on Sunday when we go for lunch with my folks.

:: Justin ::