Well, it finally happened, I think that people were starting to doubt that the weather actually could be miserable here (or as the girls on the bus said “Do yous no think the weather’s rubbish here?”).

This morning started with a final Morning Prayer in the cathedral very nicely led by Helen.  This was followed by an equally nice final breakfast (with particularly fine toast).

We then headed down to for our final bus ride to our final ferry.  This was on the new ferry which was very fancy!

We then got the train from Largs to Glasgow where we got a bus to the other station in Glasgow where we got the train through to Edinburgh.  Sure enough as we got to the edge of Edinburgh it started to rain!

I love the view of Edinburgh that you get as you come out of Waverley Station, it really is like no other city in the world as the castle, Arthur’s Seat, the Scott Monument and other assorted bits welcome you.

We then strolled down to the Youth Hostel where we are staying (stopping for lunch on the way).  The youth hostel is really cool, we are in four rooms with bunk beds and sharing the building with other travelers from around the world.

We then hopped on a double decker bus to the old town of Edinburgh’s High Street and did some souvenir shopping in the rain before heading back to the hostel to plan our sermon for tomorrow.

Hopefully tomorrow will be drier as we head off to the church I grew up in, have lunch with my folks, and do some more tourist stuff.

:: Justin ::