This morning’s pleary session was truly remarkable.  Two self-advocates and a parent from The Resource Center in Jamestown, New York presented on how they use Therap and how it has impacted their lives.  It’s hard to explain quite how inspiring it was to see folks who have worked so hard to achieve remarkable things in their lives tell a spellbound audience that they are making even greater strides because they use Therap.

The video below is of Henry Wesley.  You can learn much more about him on his blog at  Henry told us about his life in Willowbrook and his fight for respect and freedom along with his many happy years of marriage and inspiring others.


The video isn’t great, but Henry is!

Next time someone tells you that their staff can’t use Therap, or it doesn’t make sense to share data with families or individuals, I would suggest that you introduce them to Henry, Jennifer, Joan or some of the other folks from Jamestown who presented via video or the many people around the country already engaging in secure transparancy through Therap.

You should also think about coming to our conference for People with Disabilities & their Circle of Support in South Plainfield, New Jersey, May 7-8, 2014.

What a great day!

:: Justin ::