Picture of Maureen and Sazzad in front of Therap Booth

More great stuff today. I am so impressed by the folks that we have attending, they are really making this a great experience.

Picture of Banners in Therap Booth

Some of my favourite things so far:

  • Biometrics: This is just amazing! We have been showing off an early version of a fingerprint login for Therap. We have been doing this in partnership with Bio Key International. The way I set it up, I was able to log in with one finger to get in as a regular user and another finger to log in as a provider administrator.
  • Delaware Steering Committee: We have been working on our plan for deploying more of Therap’s features to every provider in the state. These are a great bunch of forward looking folks who really are at the cutting edge of
    service provision and their willingness to try new things and work out new solutions is impressive.
  • Training Games: We have been trying out all sorts of games here. One of the big hits has been the fact that we have burned all of them onto CD’s for the folks here. This has been so well received, we’re going to look into distributing them more widely.

:: Justin ::