Richard and I spent the last couple of days meeting and training in Delaware. Through the process I learned a number of things.

  1. There is a lot more to Delaware than a big bridge and a highway on the way from New York to Washington, DC. It’s a bit like Connecticut getting lost between New York and Boston, in both states you just have to get off I95 and you can discover the delights of the “real” state.
  2. We have developed a whole bunch of processes and checklists to make training your staff a whole lot easier. If you would like copies, just drop me a note, I hope to have them available online shortly.
  3. Dirk Gently was right when he said that if you are lost, you should just follow the person in front of you! Driving down the Saw Mill Parkway on my way to Delaware, there was an accident and the road was closed, I was sent off into the middle of the woods of New York. With no idea of where I ws going I just followed the car in front of me. It worked beautifully and got me back to the highway!

— Justin