Wow, after not blogging much for ages, today is turning into a blogging frenzy!

Some of you folks who have been Therap users for a long time may have noticed that when you came back after the Thanksgiving break, not all of the T-Logs that were written were included in your FirstPage counts.

This is because of a thing called T-log Expiry. How long a T-Log is included in the counts on your FirstPage depends on your Provider Preferences (these can be found towards the bottom left of the Provider Administrator FirstPage). It used to be that the default number of days for a low T-Log was 3. If this is still the case for you, I would recommend you go in there and increase it to a number that you think makes sense for your agency.

Of course no T-Log is ever really lost as they can always be found using the T-Log Search.

If you need help working with these settings, just get in touch.

:: Justin ::