For the past two days, and continuing tomorrow we have been having internal technical meetings with a dozen or so of us in an anonymous bunker in New Jersey (cleverly disguised as a Holiday Inn).

Unfortunately, Steve couldn’t make it, so he joined in by Skype on a Video call.

It actually worked remarkably well (when doing it again I might have a better microphone) and he was definitely more a part of the meeting than if he had just been on a speaker phone.

It was also kind of funny when we passed him around (or at least the laptop he was appearing on!)

Image of Skype logo
Which made me wonder how helpful something like that would be for having us join you in an implementation, training, presentation or other meeting.  If you would like to give it a try, let me know.  Or you may find me accompanying one of my colleague by appearing on a laptop next to them!

:: Justin ::

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