Video on Introducing Voice Actions for Android

This video shows a whole bunch of really cool things I can now do with my phone.

Take something like picking up my phone and saying to it “Call Therap Services”.  Done

Now, if Google we really trying to recreate the manual phone experience, I would have to say ” Pick up receiver, press 1, press 2, press 0, press 3, press 5, press 9, press 6, press 7, press 5, press 5, press 3″

I wonder which is better?

Sometimes it is the same in our documentation.  We have to bend our system so much to meet regulations that are based purely on bits of paper.

Would it not make sense to adapt the regulations to meet the technology?

Which is the better documentation of an outing, some scribbles on a piece of paper or a video shot from a time and location aware phone?

Which one would pass inspection?

Unfortunately the answers may not be the same.

Regardless, look for us to be pushing the envelope and finding new and better way to document the work you do.

:: Justin ::