Descripttion Code:

  • Users in New York can now add the ‘Hab Plan Service Type’ and ‘Service Validation Type’ on the Description Code form.
  • The ‘Service Description Code’ will be archived in the system from now.
Service Authorization:
  • A new link called “Create New Service Authorization” has been added in the Service Authorization done page.
  • Users will now get a warning message when they attempt to add a Service for an Individual that has already been added in another Service Authorization for the same date range.
Professional and Institutional Claim:
  • Individual Name and Claim Frequency Type Code has been added to the Claim Transaction Form.
  • In the Claim Form, a new section has been added to record the ‘Claim Submission Details’.
  • The reason for denial of a Claim will now be displayed on top of the denied Claims.
  • Claim status can now be updated manually from any editable status.
  • When voiding a Claim, users will now find a pop-up window from where they will be able to select the original TCN/ICN.
Institutional Claim:
  • A new Claim sending process has been added for New York users. Users can send all the claims of a specific Service Description Code at once.
  • The Claim Frequency Type Code and Paid Amount will now be displayed in the Search results of Institutional Claims.
Attendance Form:
  • Users will now find a ‘Service Type’ drop down menu in the Non Billable Time slot section, from where they can select an appropriate Service Type.
Attendance Data Grid (Generate Billing Data tab):
  • When generating Billing Data, users will find the Face to Face Task Count and Bundle Code of Approved Attendance Data will now be shown for each day. If the Face to Face Task Count is less than what is stated in the Attendance Type Bundle Rule, then the day will be Highlighted with a red border.

  • A count has been included to show the number of days that are highlighted with a red border and needs to be reviewed.

  • The number of Enrolled Days on the Attendance Grid is shown for each individual, using Monthly Bundling.

Original Image is UnavailableRelease Notes for Therap 8.12

ISP Plan

With this new Release of Therap Applications, the ISP Plan module becomes even more integrated with Hab Plan and the enhanced version of Hab Checklists, for Providers in New York.

Provider Administrators (PA) will have a specific section from where they will be able to configure a mapping of which particular Service Type relates to which Hab Plan, and its corresponding Hab Checklist. This mapping will also import the related Valued Outcomes from ISP Plan to Hab Plan automatically, according to the ISP Plan – Service Type and Hab Plan Type links already established by the Provider Administrator (PA).

The IRA Residential Habilitation Checklist and Group Day Hab Checklist have been significantly enhanced to provide an integrated solution. To generate any of these checklists, users will no longer be required to manually select the appropriate ISP Programs. Due to the link between Hab Plan and Hab checklist configured by the PA, both the checklists will automatically pull the Tasks/Staff actions already associated with Valued Outcomes in the corresponding Hab Plan.

The Hab Checklists now include editable spaces to document Monthly Summaries.

In addition to Staff Initials, the Hab Checklists will also show Individual Response / ISP Data Task Score.

Both IRA Res Hab Checklist and Group Day Hab Checklist are now integrated with the Attendance module and they capture data regarding Half Month, Full Month, Half Day, Full Day, Enrollment Requirement, Face to Face Service Count and Time In – Time Out details.

A Task/Staff Action in an ISP Program can now be marked as Face to Face or Non-Face to Face. It can also be marked as Program Type or Non-Program type to indicate whether it is provided during Program Day duration or not.

Screenshot of Task/Staff Action in an ISP Program

The author of an ISP Program will now have the option to restrict changing service provider filed in ISP Data form. If this option is enabled, the user entering ISP Data is set as the Service Provider and it cannot be changed to another user.

Screenshot of Other Details section in an ISP Program

Health Tracking

Users may now add one or more follow-ups to any ‘Saved/Approved’ Wound Assessment and Appointment forms. All the linked Wound Assessments and Appointments will now be shown in a separate section of the form, and users will be able to ‘Show’ or ‘Hide’ the ‘Summary’ of each of the linked forms. This will save time as all the related forms will be just a click away!

Screenshot of Linked Appointments

Screenshot of Linked Wound Assesments

Locked Accounts

The Provider Administrators will now receive a Notification everytime a user account is ‘Locked’ due to entering the wrong password multiple times.

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