We are planning on our next upgrade this weekend.

Here’s an initial (as in still to be finalized) look at what we will include:


  • Users can now get the Utilization Report in Excel format for the Institutional Claim area.
  • Billing Data with zero (0) billable units will not be added in Unclaimed Report’s billing data count.
  • An option for 60 mins (Hourly Billing Calculation) has been added to the Smallest Allowed Increment field in the Automatic Unit Calculation from Time In/Out section.


  • A Non Billable Section for adding Non Billable items has been introduced in the Attendance Data Update Form.

    (the above two screenshots will be changed)
  • To get reports for Non Billable items, two output columns namely Billable Time Slot and Notes(Non Billable) have been added to the Output Columns section of Attendance Summary.
  • Attendance Form ID option has also been added to the Output Columns section of Attendance Summary.
General Event Reports (GER)

For users in the state of Montana:

  • It is now required to fill in the Incident Report (Montana) form when submitting or approving Reportable and Critical incidents (i.e; Medium and High level GERs).

For users in the state of Missouri:

  • A new field Did the event result in? has been added to the MO State form. Users will be able to select multiple events from the list.
Global Template Library

  • Templates in Global Template Library can now be searched by Provider Name (Author Provider).
ISP Data

  • The ISP Data Update Role has been introduced replacing the ISP Data and ISP Approve roles combination needed to update ISP Data entered by other users.
ISP Report

  • Four new links have been added to the ISP Report done page for better navigation-
    i)Change Report Criteria
    ii)Select other ISP Program(s)
    iii)Choose another individual
    iv)Choose another Program/Site
  • Total (Task) Only is now an optional field in ISP Reports. This option is available in the Select Task/Score page which is accessible from ISP Report Criteria page.
Provider Administration

  • A Description field has been added into the Create New Super Role page to describe the purpose of the super role.
  • Also, users will be able to click on the names of Super Roles and Caseloads to view their details on the Assign User Privilege page.
Multi provider

  • For Cross Providers, a suffix has been appended to their Login Names. This will help distinguishing between Parent Provider login name and Child Provider login name.

  • A new Last Login Info link has been added to the User section on FirstPage and the Dashboard. Clicking on this link displays the Last login Time and the IP Address (from which the user logged in) for all the users. This can be viewed only by users with ‘User’ assigned admin capability and by Provider Administrators.
Secure Communications(SComm)

  • Locked users will be included in SComm’s Recipient list.
edication Administration Records (MAR)

  • Updates made to the fields in a Medication History form are now highlighted in pink when they are viewed in the locked MAR form. These highlights will help users notice changes made to an MAR easily.
Issue Tracking System

  • We have created a new system to track support issues. From now on users will exclusively use the feedback link to send issues to support agents (we have removed the ‘SComm to Customer Support’ link from SComm type select page). All message exchanges on an issues will be available i
    n a single page in a threaded view.
  • We have removed SComm from all support related communications. Instead of SComm-inbox-count an ‘unread-issue-count’ on the right panel(screen shot) of FirstPage of Therap application will notify a user about support agent’s replies on feedback or live help follow up.
  • Finally, we will send live-help transcripts to this new system. Not via Secure Communications.

(Screenshots and further details on this feature will be added shortly.)