We released our first post 7.0 update 7.0.1 this morning (apologies to people who were havibg a hard time logging on at around 7:30am).

As well as a few small bug fixes, this included a significant update to address performance. Basically it works like this: if you request a search, you will not be able to request another search until that one is complete. This might seem obvious, but sometimes when people get a tad impatient (myself included) they click that search button again or give up and go and do something else. The problem with this is that the database is still working on your first search, so if you give it a bunch more things to do (and this is repeated time and again around the country) then things can get slow.

Hopefully this new update will help things a lot.

One trick that can really help you get the information you want quickly is to make sure that you are narrowing down your search as much as you can. The more specific you are on the search page, the more accurate you search rasults will be and the quicker you will bet that data.

:: Justin ::