Thought I would share a letter that’s going out to the fine folks in Colorado.

Therap Provides Direct Electronic Billing in Colorado

Therap Services, the leading national provider of web-based
documentation and communication services to the Developmental Disability
Community, is now providing direct Medicaid billing for waiver services in

This means that your agency can expedite the process of
managing service authorizations, collecting billing data (it can now be done
online by Direct Support Professionals at the point of service), submitting
claims, tracking their approval or rejection, and ensuring payment.  This is all done from within Therap’s easy to
use web-based interface.

By using Therap, staff in remote locations can complete
documentation as they provide services and that documentation is instantly
available to the people who need to see and use it.  Agencies can very easily and flexibly define
who can see what data and what they are allowed to do with it.

Therap’s HIPAA compliant, secure, web based system not only
tracks billing data but also allows staff to complete all of their day-to-day
documentation including progress notes, incident reports, health information,
service plans, teaching strategies, behavior plans and much, much more.

Being web based means that there is no software to install
at your end, all you need is an internet connection.  Therap does not require any particular brand
of computer to run on and you don’t need and special network.  All your data is stored in Therap state-of-the-art data centers where we take care of all your security issues for you.

Therap pricing is incredibly affordable.  Therap pricing is available online here
Pricing is based on a per-individual per year fee.  This fee includes access for all your staff
and any other team members that you might want to include.  Many agencies even give out access to family
members.  This fee also includes your set
up, training, support, and upgrades so you have very affordable, predictable
costs.  In our experience, agencies that
fully implement Therap are making significant savings based on reduced travel,
duplication of work, and supplies as well as increasing the effectiveness of
their staff.

If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to
contact us at any time.  We’d be
delighted to set up a demonstration for you and your agency.  You can also find out more on our website:


M Brockie
Chief Operating Officer
Therap Services, LLC
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