If the title of this post doesn’t make any sense to you, you probably don’t do any electronic Medicaid billing.

If you do, you will know that when you do electronic billing through Therap, the file that we send off on your behalf is called an 837.

Once you claim has been processed you will then receive back another file called an 835.

Probably the most important muber in the 835 is the TCN (in some states it is called an ICN) number.  This is the number assigned by your Medicaid processor to your claim.  By having this number we can then directly link the claim you have in Therap to the claim Medicaid has at their end.  This means that should your rates change and those rates be backdated we will probably be able to make that change semi-automatically for you and save you an awful lot of work and heartache.

Not only that, but you will have access to the payment status of your claims and a whole bunch more reports.

Even if your 835 includes claims not processed through Therap, we will still store them and keep the accessible for you as well as matching up the claims we did process.

Want to know more?  We’ve have a whole track on billing at our National Conference next week.  See you there!

:: Justin ::