Well, the plan for today was to leave Missoula and head down to Yellowstone.

Unfortunately something got in the way, namely a deer!  While travelling at 75mph (the speed limit) down Interstate 90, a deer ran out in front of us.  Thankfully Michele did a remarkable job of maintaining control as the airbags deployed and pulled us over to the side.  The only injuries were to Michele’s hands from the airbags.  The more I think about it the more I think how fortunate we were.

The aftermath could have been a complete nightmare, but thanks to some wonderful Montanans it really hasn’t been that bad.  Starting off with the Police dispatcher and State Trooper (as Iona said “What is it with you and the Montana Highway Patrol”, as Warren said “We’re never letting you drive in Montana again!”) then Dan the tow-truck driver who brought us all the way back to the Hertz office at Missoula Airport, then Julie at Hertz who got us sorted out with a car while she found us a new van.  Added to this were the insurance folks and the hotel people I had to reschedule with – all of them were great.  If any one of them had chosen to be obnoxious it could really have ruined the whole day.  It just shows how important customer support is and what a difference it can make in people’s lives.

Thanks everyone, especially Michele for her driving!

:: Justin ::