This is a very exciting place to be right now, there is so much going on. As we get ready for a series of upcoming conferences and of course the release of Therap 5.o Every time I see new screenshots of the upcoming releases I get more and more impatient, wanting to play with it. For me, the most exiting feature is the new Home Page.

Your new Home Page will replace all the Therap menus and allow you to see everything that is going on in the system on one page. With all the new applications that are available to you, this is going to be a life saver. No more losing or forgetting about a particular report, message or follow up. Links are displayed to reports by notification level (Hi/Med/Lo) and action (Submit/Review/Approve) so they are easy to find and just a click away.

Look for more about this and other new features from 5.0 coming soon.

– Justin