Click on this photo for a bigger version and other photos from Bangladesh – more to come!

I had an amazing day yesterday looking around Dhaka and a little into the countryside beyond.

Dhaka is pretty much what you’d expect from a big crazy city. The driving is wild (thankfully I don’t have to). Between the buses, the taxis, the CNG’s (small natural gas powered “baby taxis”), and bicycle rickshaws, every trip is an adventure!

Throughout Dhaka are memorials or shrines to various leaders, many whom have died through periods of unrest and rebellion in Bangladesh’s struggle to be free.

Outside of Dhaka I was able to see some of the beauty of the river delta that is Bangladesh. Beyond the paddy fields and the flooding are close knit villages hidden amongst the trees full over people eager to welcome and quick to share.

I was also able to get out on the ubiquitous water which was beautiful and fun!

Today I go to visit one of the larger providers of supports to people with disabilities to see how Therap can work for them. I am hoping to learn and share a lot myself.

— Justin