Today is rather a sad day as I say goodbye to an old and trusted friend.  With Siraya’s groovy new van arriving it’s time for my old car to head off into the sunset.

Apart from having the coolest license plate in the world, it’s amazing to think what has happened in the last 13 years and 218,401 miles.

A red carnumber plate of a red car

At the time I was a day program manager for Community Systems in Torrington, Connecticut and had never even heard of Therap (neither had anyone else)!

Since then it has seen four foster kids move in and three move onwards and upwards, Calum go from a cute, chubby 3 year old to something resembling (at least in appetite) the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, Iona grow from Kindergarten to Cornell, three Doctors Who, and even Hearts win the cup again! (and I might have grown a grey hair or two)

Thankfully it will continue to do good as it is heading off to a Habitat for Humanity auction.

:: Justin ::