I love being right – especially when it comes to my kids!

Calum’s end of middle school present was a device to plug into his computer that allows you to plug in all sorts of noisy things like guitars, microphones, keyboards and such. This then allows you to record and mix things on the equivalent of a 24 track studio, all on your computer.

Very Cool! It all came form the Guitar Center in Manchester, Connecticut. Extremely nice folks if you are looking for something musical and a store just full of coolness (including playing the Specials overhead). Unlike most music stores, you seem to be encouraged to touch the instruments.

Anyway, back to the story. So I spent tonight wiping and restoring his computer so he could set this thing up (pictures and such to follow). Being the generous father that I am I offered to tear myself away from the Mets game (I blame Richard for the loss, he’s there at Coors Field) and help him set it up. But oh no, he was going to be able to do it himself!

So, hours later there is the gentle pitter patter of feet as the boy comes downstairs to say “Eh… Dad… Can I get some help?” You’ve got to love it!

So, Dad to the rescue and it’s all up and running and very very cool!

:: Justin ::

PS I’ll have a Warren knows best story soon too!