The last week seems to have been “New Browsers for Justin Week”. I’ve installed three, uninstalled one, discovered one doesn’t work too well with Therap and fallen in love at first sight with another.
Here’s my quick summary:

Opera 9:

Looks nice, seems to work well, but messed up Therap’s calendar icon so I dropped it pretty quickly. I do like their Mac-like widgets though.

Internet Explorer 7

Again, looks nice. Some nice features on their tabbed browsing, well integrated RSS feeds, but unfortunately doesn’t work with the web conferencing service we use so I had to uninstall it.

FireFox 2

WOW, this is great! Looks even better, works just as well, and best of all comes with built in live spell checking! That means that just like a word processor, as you type a word in a web-form like a T-Log or GER and get it wrong (as I do all the time), the word will be underlined in red and you can get alternate spellings by right-clicking! If you haven’t tried Firefox before, you definitely should now!

:: Justin ::