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In Therap 8.2 (scheduled for release at the end of this month) we will bring out our first link with the First Databank Drug Database.

This is really exciting.  If you upgrade to include a subscription to this service, you will be able to look up any drug just by typing in some of its name:

Screenshot showing drug look up section where you will be able to look up any drug just by typing in some of its name.

Then you will get a full list of all the variants of that medication.

Screenshot showing full list of all variants of the medication that was being looked up.

Then, with just a click on the “Add” button your Medication History (and MAR) is populated and you have full access to the information about that drug!:

screenshot of Drug Details page

As always you can click to get bigger images. 

Now when you go to the MAR there is a link to “Drug Details”

Screenshot showing MAR Data with a link to  Drug Details

This will give you access to all the drug information, even a picture of the pill!

Screenshot showing the drug details view with picture of the drug

It is all very, very exciting!

You will need to contact us to have this feature turned on and there is an additional cost (we have to busy the information in the database and all the updates). 

For pricing, check out your price sheet or contact us.  Remember there is very special pricing for those of you who joined the MAR Beta Program.

:: Justin ::