poster of FIRST Lego Robotics event.

Iona and I spent Saturday assisting with a FIRST Lego Robotics event.  It was a first (oh dear!) time for me to see the younger sibling of the program that Iona is involved in.  The event was equally impressive.

Designed for Middle Schoolers rather than High Schoolers, the program has as much learning, competition, and fun as the older version.  I was a teamwork judge and had to interview a bunch of teams about how they run their teams and projects.  They was all excellent.

Team Max.

It was particularly pleasing though when the Wolcott Nitrobots won the overall Championship Award! (must be all those soccer players I coached!).

Then for some reason that I haven’t quite worked out yet, we went and played on the beach! (it was a tad chilly!)

Sea Beach.

:: Justin ::