I did my first demonstration using the Beta version for 5.0 today! It was both exciting and nerve wracking! I am used to doing demonstrations of the Therap system and have learned that the best thing to do is to let the system do the talking and use it to answer questions whenever possible. I also feel very comfortable with how it works and know what is going to happen with any given click. Finally I know that it just doesn’t break!

Today was different! I have only been playing with the new modules for a few days and they are getting updated daily. The also still have a few glitches in them (hence still being in Beta). My nervousness was soon overcome by the excitement generated by the positive responses to the new modules. FirstPage, the Individual Data Form, and the Individual Service Plans were particularly big hits.

So today, three providers in Massachusetts were lucky enough to be amongst the first to see our new modules and our new look and feel. Next up is ANCOR on Sunday – I can’t wait!

– Justin