Day two of the Provider Administrator Conference was a huge success.  Huge is probably the most apt description in terms of the number of people here, the size and quality of the ideas, and over scope and quality of the conversations that are going on.

We started off with a presentation from the folks at Oracle and Sun about what it really means to be using top of the line industrial strength hardware, software, and infrastructure.  There are reasons why your data is safest in our database.

We also had the pleasure of welcome back to the Therapverse (we’re just to big to stay within the city limits of Therapville these days) our founding President, the retired (and way too relaxed!) Warren Gifford.  It was a real joy to be back brainstorming with him.  It was also delightful to see how excited our long time users were to meet up with Warren again.

Today, were back to looking into (the not too distant) future.  I’ll be showing off some recent additions as well as the alpha release that we have of MAR scheduling, time tracking (a cool new tool for things like sleep tracking) and so much more.

:: Justin ::