Another busy day in Florida, full of training and highway tolls!

I started off with an in depth session for UCP of Broward County and UCP of Palm Beach (names used with permission). I’m really enjoying getting to know more people in Florida and starting to get a sense of how the different systems work. I think that soon we will be starting up a Florida User Group, so look out for notices.

In the afternoon I came back to Miami for a training session with a group of MCPRS nurses. This turned out to be particularly useful, not only for the information I was able to give them, but also for the feedback that they were able to give me which I am sure is going to make our system better.

Which is a good reminder, if you ever have questions, comments, suggestions, or complaints about the system, don’t forget to hit the “Feedback” link at the bottom of any page and let us know.

— Justin