Overnight we actually did two quick updates, 8.0.16 and 8.0.17

This fixed a few known bugs and added some extra features. 

If you have any questions, just let us know.

Also watch for some previews later!

:: Justin ::

The highlights are:

  1. Additional fields are now displayed in the ISP Data and ISP Program Archives
  2. There is now a PDF for the ISP Programmatic Report
  3. When exporting ISP Data Searches to Excel, the times and duration are now configured as time fields in Excel
  4. Fixed some problems with exporting T-Logs to Excel where columns were not always sorted properly
  5. Fixed an issue with SComm sent dates
  6. Archived IPOPs can now be printed as PDFs
  7. Additional fields pulled from Med History into MARs
  8. MAR PDF enhanced
  9. Fixed and enhancements to the T-Log “done” page.
  10. Fixed an application error people were seeing in ISP Plans
  11. Removed the need to rate a Global ISP Template before downloading.