Big Sandy, Montana

Originally uploaded by Justin Brockie.

Having left the excitement of Shelby behind I drove (on cruise control!) to Big Sandy. For part of the drive there, the road turned to dirt. This was ok until a couple of trucks came the other way. There was plenty of room, but the dust cloud made it like driving through the densest fog.

The other problem is that the roads are all covered in little birds (seemingly there eating the bugs killed by other cars) The all swarm up in front of you making it feel like you’re flying the Millennium Falcon through an asteroid feel.

My first port of call, before starting training, in Big Sandy was a coffee shop/gift shop/thrift store/art gallery/artists studio.

The whole enterprise was built around a man who is being supported to work on and sell his art along with the work of other local artists. I was lucky enough to be introduced and see him at work.

What a tremendous example of person centered supports being built around a person’s strengths rather than their deficits.

Thanks to my adventures with the Montana Highway Patrol, I wasn’t able to spend as long as I wanted in Big Sandy. Oh well, I’ll just have to come back.

What a great week in a beautiful state with some tremendous people.

I will be back!

— Justin