Thursday was just a little crazy, it started off with some training for the MSCs, Nurses, and House Managers at Cardinal McLosky in White Plains, NY.  Then I left Stephen there to finish that off while I ran home to get packed and head off with Michele, Iona, and Calum to Edinburgh.

Siraya and Diamond meanwhile are with quite probably the coolest person in the world, our friend Nicole (or Aunty Nick as I like to call her).  I first met Nicole ages ago when she took Julio on a school bus to summer camp.  Since then she has become an integral part of our family and moves in whenever we are away to provide our kids with everything they could ever need.  It just so happens that she is also a rather good Special Ed teacher.  We are very, very lucky to have her. – Thanks Nicole!

The flight to Edinburgh was uneventful, we even arrived early.  No sleep, though I did enjoy watching the JJ Abrams Star Trek Movie.  Most of today was spent catching up on sleep and catching up with my parents until this evening Iona and Calum and I headed into town to see The Stranglers.

090807 Stranglers by you.

It was a great concert almost all my favourite songs of theirs and a great venue where the kids could jump around and get sweaty and smelly (they did!) and I could sit up with the old folks and get a great view!

090807 Stranglers (40) by you.

This was followed by a couple of my favourite things: walking home and eating chips with Edinburgh own speciality of being smothered in brown sauce.

:: Justin ::