It’s been quite a week or so in Justin’s world (which can often be a rather strange place!) and I’m not even getting into how much fun it is supporting the newly rejuvenated Heart of Midlothian this year (although I am sure I will get there at sometime between now and May).

Justin and Iona Brockie

Prior to the formal announcements from South Carolina and Idaho, there was an announcement from my daughter Iona to the effect of:

This morning I accepted a full-time offer from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory!! I’m excited and honored to be part of a legacy that includes Explorer 1, Voyager, Cassini, Curiosity, and so many other incredible spacecraft. Words can’t describe the joy and gratitude I feel today.

It’s now been a week or so and I still haven’t stopped smiling.  It really is a remarkable achievement from an amazing young woman.  The best of it is, it’s only the beginning!  The solar system and beyond will be feeling the impact shortly!

Judging by the level of excitement at our conference in Anaheim this week, I will have plenty excuses to be in Southern California over the coming year!

Congratulations Iona, love you lots!

:: Dad ::