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Oct. 19-21: 7th Side-by-Side Event

CDS Authors From University of Minnesota
To Join the Conference’s Program Lineup

It’s time for one and all to sign up for “Side-by-Side Technology: Therap, CDS Training Conference VII” on Oct. 19-21 in Burnside, MN, just outside Minneapolis near the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

This will be the 7th in the series of joint training conferences presented by the College of Direct Support (CDS) and Therap Services. The venue for this unique event will be the Holiday Inn-Burnsville, which is 15 minutes from the airport and has a shuttle available.

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Since the conference will be near Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota and its Institute on Community Integration (ICI), we’ll be joined by a number of the people who produce and author CDS courses. The ICI is the entity that is responsible for developing and the authoring the CDS curriculum. We will have members of the ICI join us for portions of the conference and they will be available for questions and conversations. Those who may attend are Amy Hewitt, Nancy McCulloh, Susan O’Nell, Derek Nord, Lori Sedlezky, Pam Stenjham and Mark Olson.

Therap Services and CDS are working jointly to enhance the services and supports available to people with developmental disabilities and those who support them. This conference brings together the two industry leaders in the field of utilizing web-based technologies to educate and train a workforce delivering support services.

Therap and CDS will offer sessions and presentations on their services and you’ll hear from the University of Minnesota’s ICI staff. There will be specific sessions for advanced users, for system administrators and for the potential users of Therap and CDS. Also, agencies from Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Nebraska and South Dakota that are current users of one or both technologies offered by CDS and Therap will be on hand.

The two separate and yet distinct companies will discuss the “bridge” that allows users to access Therap’s services and bridge to the CDS via the Elsevier Performance Manager offered by Elsevier | MCStrategies.

Therap Services, LLC, based in Waterbury, CT, is a web-based service organization that provides an integrated solution for documentation and communication needs of agencies providing support to people with disabilities, especially developmental disabilities.

CDS is an online curriculum delivered by a Learning Management System and is being used across the country to develop, educate and build careers for Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). CDS is a collaborative work of the University of Minnesota and Elsevier | MCStrategies.

For more fun, there will be exciting Therap Games, brainstorming sessions and more surprises waiting for you!

For information on conference attractions, the schedule, registration fees and hotel accommodations, click on the links below:

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Our friends from Rest Assured and Web Footed Friends once again will be joining us in Minnesota.

Rest Assured is a real time monitoring system with two-way communications that started in 2001. Broadband wireless technology is used to link individual homes to a central monitoring station.

Web Footed Friends, Inc. is an applied research firm developing and supporting talent management systems in human services to get the right people in specific positions to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and industry capacity that fosters growth and enhances quality of consumer support. The principals of the firm have had 30-plus years experience in psychometrics. WFF has focused on organizational development for 15 years.

Hotel rooms are $85 a night. For additional information about this conference, call 203-596-7553.


College of Direct Support: www.collegeofdirectsupport.com
Therap Services: www.therapservices.net
Rest Assured: www.restassuredsystem.com
Web Footed Friends: www.webfootedfriends.com