This is another really cool, really exciting feature that will be available in Therap 8.0

We’ll also be talking a lot about it at our conference in Kansas City.

Here’s how it works: (if the screenshots are too small, click on the image to get a bigger version).

Screenshot of Training Administrator area on FirstPage

As you can see, there is a new link down at the bottom of the Training Administrator area on FirstPage.

If you click on this you will get a list of CDS Courses like this:

Screenshot of 'Select a Course' Section

Choosing a course will then bring you to a list of your staff who you can assign to take the course, like this:

Screenshot of 'Select users' Section

Once you’ve done this, staff will now be able to see what courses have been assigned to them thanks to a handy dandy new link in their My Training box:

Firstpage View of 'My Training Class' Section

Clicking on “CDS Courses Assigned to Me” shows a list of just that!

Screenshot of 'CDS Courses Assigned to Me' Section

Clicking on “Take Lesson” will bring up a list of the lessons within that course, like so:

Screenshot of 'CDS Lessons' Section

Now this is where it gets really, really cool! Clicking on one of these lessons will open up College of Direct Support at exactly the right place (provided that you have put in your CDS login information):

Screenshot of 'webinservice' page

Not bad eh?

:: Justin ::