Graphics of Therap Services in North Dakota

We are now two weeks into our three weeks of initial training for North Dakota Developmental Disabilities staff and Infant Development providers.  Last week Deb and I did training for central office staff and the regional Program Administrators.  This week Deb and Maureen have been training in Bismark, Williston, Minot, and Dickinson.  Next week Deb and Kara are off to Jamestown, Devils Lake, Grand Forks, and Fargo.

It’s a very exciting (and very busy) month for everyone involved in North Dakota and at Therap as we get ready for ND Day on November 1st when we plan to transition them from using their legacy ASSIST and Lotus Notes systems into a brand spanking shiny new Therap for States application.

This is a very exciting move for Therap that over the coming months is going to provide some massive opportunities not only for folks in North Dakota, but around the county.  Stay tuned for updates.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been to training and would like to brush up on your skills, be sure to visit the North Dakota page and keep and eye out there for updates to the system as we release them.

:: Justin ::