Graphics of Therap Services in New Mexico

Friday is a very exciting day for Therap and for the State of New Mexico as it marks the go-live day for the electronic Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool (or eCHAT as we like to call it).

Congratulations to everyone who worked on this.  Between the folks at DDSD who put in lot of work designing, testing, updating and discussing the forms, the providers who acted as beta testers, Maureen and Deb who traveled the length and breadth of New Mexico training everyone and of course our amazing development team it’s been a job well done, with more great stuff to come.

There are lots of details about it on the New Mexico page, and providers across the state will be getting an email with full details (we’ll also post it on that page)

Remember that there is still time to get in and beta test the eCHAT for use outside New Mexico (it’s going to be a great new premium feature combined with a Medication Administration Assessment Tool, an Aspiration Risk Assessment, and a Health Passport as well as integrating with MAR and Health Tracking).  Drop me a note to get on board.

:: Justin ::


You can read the official releases from DDSD in New Mexico here.